What does the service include?
When you hire our goods the price quoted for our service will include:
• Delivery
• Setting up
• Collection after the event

What happens if guest numbers change ?
We understand that often people don't know the exact numbers until they have have received their RSVP’s, we ask that numbers are finalised 6 weeks before the event date, along with the final payment.

How can I book?
If you are happy with the quote that we have provided, we will email you the ‘Terms & Conditions’ along with a ‘Booking Form’. You must read the ‘Terms & Conditions’ and if you agree with them, then you need to complete the ‘Booking Form’ sign and return it to us, with the security deposit.

Why do we need to pay a security deposit?
The security deposit reserves the date, all the goods for hire and our service for your event. It also acts as the damage deposit, which covers the cost of replacing any items that are permanently stained, damaged or lost. If there is no significant damage then the security deposit will be refunded in full.

How much security deposit is required ?
£50 security deposit will will secure your date, all the goods for hire and our services for your event. The full balance of your order can be paid at any point before 6 weeks of the wedding. 

Can I reserve a date without paying a security deposit?
No sorry. Quotes will only be valid for 6 weeks and maybe subject to change, unless a deposit has been received. Please be aware that if we do not receive a security deposit then your date has not been reserved therefore you are not booked in with us! We cannot guarantee that your date will still be available unless a security deposit has been received. If we are notified that a payment has been sent then dates will be held for 3 working days to allow for payments to clear or cheques to be received. 

Do you have a minimum order policy?
Our minimum order policy is £100 within a 25 mile radius of Huddersfield. Over 25 miles there may also be a small travel free applied.

What method of payments do you accept?
Payments can be made via cheque, cash or bank transfer and receipts are emailed and posted after every payment.

When will we be required to pay the balance?
Final numbers and payment is due at least 6 weeks before your event date unless otherwise agreed. Full payment of the cost of all hired goods is required and the security deposit does NOT act as part payment. Payments can be made at any time and many customers take advantage of our monthly payment plan. 

When will the room be dressed on our event day?
We will liaise with you and your venue to confirm the most suitable time. 

Any further questions you may have will probably be answered in our 'Terms & Conditions' a copy will be sent to you prior to booking.